15 Facts About Me!

1. I was born in Dallas 2. I play volleyball 3. I cheer and tumble 4. 7th grade 5. My name is Taylor 6. I have two dogs 7. I love monograms 8. Favorite color is blue 9. I’m obsessed with rings 10. I have I have six siblings one of Themis in my grade 11. I love to swim 12. Country and alternative are my favorite genre of music 13. I love Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Pretty Little Liars 14. I like the beach 15. I have a house in Colorado 16. I enjoy cooking




3 thoughts on “15 Facts About Me!

  1. OMG I just read your all about me and OMG when I read that you like the vampire diaries I jumped up and down cause I LOVE that tv show basically watch it all the time and I LOVE the color purple and blue

  2. so taylor who do you like better in the vampire diaries Damon or Stefan I personally like Damon better cause he’s cute and dangerous but then again Stefan not so much

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