Seventh Grade Reflection

The first day of seventh grade, I expected it to be a disaster. I thought I wasn’t going To be able to find my way around. I thought I wouldn’t have any friends in any of my classes. I soon realized that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Seventh grade was actually pretty fun!

By October, my middle school life became very busy with tests, homework and all projects possible. “Talk about work!” Soon I figured out I needed to get on top o. My game. I learned that I can’t just play around and I need to take responsibility for my actions.

Now as the couple more weeks of school are here it’s been easier and I look to see some of the progress I have made. To do it all over again would be easier because I now have learned that I need to be more responsible. For the upcoming seventh graders my advice to you is to try and stay in school the best you can because it is a challenge and you could easily fall behind. Also pay attention especially in English and science.


“Be a leader not a follower.” my dad would always say. I think about that all The time. My dad would tell me that just because your friends are doing something doesn’t mean you have to do it.

In sports it’s always good to be a leader and do what you enjoy the best. I play volleyball with a whole bunch of girls and can we get feisty! Trying to tell each other to do it one way just doesn’t work. You have to have some leadership And stand up.

My Favorite Poem

Do you like green eggs and ham?

I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

I do not like green eggs and ham!

Would you like them here or there?

I would not like them here or there

I would not like them anywhere

I do so like green eggs and ham!

Thank you! Thank you,


-Dr. Seuss

I like this poem because it has always been around in my life because my dad would always read it to my brother and when I was older I was the one who read it to my brother. Now that I have a little sister we bought all of the Dr. Seuss books we could find at the store. Out of all the Dr. Seuss books we have I always choose Green Eggs and Ham. She seems to like it because she sits and listens to me every time.

Weeks Four and Five: Media and Memorie


When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my stuffed animal. It was the most wonderful thing ever because my brother had one to. It had brown fur and brown. While I played with it, I pretended it could gallop and jump obstacles. It was really special to me because it looked exactly like my dad’s horse so I named it Hank. Today it still lies on my couch with the same shiny brown fur.

My Home

Austin is a wonderful place. There are many things you can do. In my opinion it’s really fun and I love living here.

Austin has a lot of things to do. Personally my favorite is to go to Town Lake and kayak with my friends. There is just so much you can see when you are on the water and it is wonderful. There is still one thing I haven’t done yet and that is going to K1 and I’m planning on going this summer.

Furthermore Austin is a beautiful place. For example my favorite time of the year is when the Bluebonnets grow all over my field mixed with orange flowers. It is always nice seeing all the different cultures that are here and seeing everyone just having fun.

Austin is a amazing place to live and I am glad I live here and get the chance to do and see all these things. This summer I am determined to go and explore more of Austin.

Why Gossiping Is Harmful

“Did you know she was held back a grade?” Gossiping may be fun, but it can be harmful. Something as simple as talking to a friend about someone else could end up around the whole school.

For instance, in the movie Means Girls, they made a “Burn Book”, a book filled with hurtful gossip about everyone in the school. One day someone got the book and made copies of all the pages and filled the school with them. The girls who made the book were then hated by everyone. this shows how fast something can spread.

Also gossiping can turn into bad rumors. For example, I heard someone I thought was my friend spreading a false rumor about me. I felt like I had no true friends, I just wanted to fall into a hole and die. Just because you think someone can’t hear it, doesn’t mean you should say it, especially when you don’t know if its true. It’s all fun in games until someone gets hurt. If you don’t want something being said about you, don’t say it about someone else, in other words treat others how you want to be treated. Therefore just don’t gossip, it can turn into a huge rumor, and/or hurt someone. 

Explode A Moment

The blur of the crowd flashing past me. The only sound I hear is my heart beating. My blood pumping through my veins. 10meters, 9meters, 8meters, the finish line is rushing towards me. 4meters, 3meters, 2meters. A roar irrupts from the crowd. And suddenly the finish line beneath my feet.

Snow Day #2

Another snow day! This time there wasn’t really any snow it was just ice everywhere. I was outside for a little bit with Merle and he sniffed around. It was much warmer than last time. Today instead of just staying at home the whole day my family and I went to the movies. We went to go see the movie “Frozen” and it was so good even for the second time seeing it and knowing all the words to every song. It was nice hanging out with my family. Although it didn’t feel like a snow day it was still fun. I also went to Champions and tumbled for a little while and that was okay. Snow days are always fun and i was glad to have another one.

Snow Day #1

“School is CANCELLED!” my brother yelled with excitement so I ran to the window and sure enough there was snow! My face lit up and a smile stretched wide across my face. I put a jacket and boots on and walked quickly outside. Slipping and sliding on the sidewalks we picked up the snow and threw it at each other . My brother, sister and I walked around for about two hours. There was a steep drive way that we slid down so many times the hardest part was climbing back up. Kate’s phone fell out of her pocket so I chased after it almost breaking my tailbone. There was one time I slipped though… I was walking in the road and stepped on a huge chunk of ice and fell straight to my hands. My dad brought my baby sister out and I don’t think she liked it. All she did was put her face in my dad’s jacket. Her nose and cheeks were as red as a cherry. Awhile later I let my dog Merle out. Calling out to him was not smart because he always ran quickly towards me and he slipped right into the pool. Merle was surely unhappy he sprinted to the door. This was a wonderful day and I’m so glad that it rained.




Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Every year we open our presents in youngest to oldest. It takes awhile and I’m the fourth to go. We have one santa present which is usually one our most expensive gifts and then the rest from parents. we always choose our santa present. Last year I got and Ipad mini this year I’m getting a new phone and i am super excited. After we finish with those gifts we get dressed and go to my grandmas house and sort through her presents and open them up. we used to live next door to her so there was no use for asking to go home, but now we have to. Every Christmas eve I either sleep in my brother’s or sister’s room so in the morning we can all get up and wake up our parents… which takes a long time. We always have a wonderful Christmas and I can’t wait for this year.