I have gone iceskating multiple times these past weeks. One of my favorite times was with my friends Melynn and Kennedy. As we got there we picked out our sizes, put it on and headed into the rink. None of us could skate at first and we were glued to the wall. I finally got the hang of it and started to skate super fast. I told Melynn to grab my hand and we skated in circles. Kennedy got the hang of it and was super fast so we grabbed her hand a took off. Going around the curbs was scary so I stopped and swung my friends in front of me. They both fell right on their butts and we could not stop laughing. After the session was over we walked around the hotel and climbed inside the christmas tree. Our night was full of more events but I enjoyed this one the most.


Summer Trips

This past summer I went to the lake with my friend Madison. It was probably the best time I’ve ever had! It was the first time I have ever brought a friend to the lake and I have wanted to go back ever since. Those three days felt like one. When we got there we were so excited to get on the boat it looked like we were going to explode. My dad said the first thing we are doing is going to do is go eat. we sighed but then jumped in the car and drove to the closest restaurant which was Doc’s Fish and Grill. I must say that was some pretty good food. I had chicken Alfredo with a side of corn and perfectly fried fries. We quickly made it back home in time to play on a paddle boat but not the actual boat. The next morning we were up at 8:ooam dressed and ready to get on the lake, but of course my dad wasn’t ready and had to make some work calls. An hour later we were sitting in the boat and my dad showed up with the keys we attached the tube to the boat and cranked up the music to my favorite country station. Madison and I finally jumped on the tube and my dad drove at a low speed at first the started to speed up as we got used to it. We got thrown off the wake and flipped off the tube. We challenged ourselves to stand up and we successfully reached our goal It was the best thing I had done that summer. We have already been trying to make another trip back.



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