“Be a leader not a follower.” my dad would always say. I think about that all The time. My dad would tell me that just because your friends are doing something doesn’t mean you have to do it.

In sports it’s always good to be a leader and do what you enjoy the best. I play volleyball with a whole bunch of girls and can we get feisty! Trying to tell each other to do it one way just doesn’t work. You have to have some leadership And stand up.

One thought on “Leadership

  1. Your dad definitely has a point, it is a great skill to be a leader. Especially in the real world, when you need to collaborate with people in a work space. However, its also good to sometimes be a follower in my opinion. I go to a Project Based Learning school where we work in teams all the time. I have always been a person who just assumes the role of a leader. When I came into the school I am in, I wasn’t able to step down. I had to learn to let others lead too because multiple people competing to be the leader doesn’t work. Also, just because you follow someones lead doesn’t mean you don’t make your own decisions. it is a leaders job to keep a team on task and working towards their goal, not make every decision and dictate.

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