Why Gossiping Is Harmful

“Did you know she was held back a grade?” Gossiping may be fun, but it can be harmful. Something as simple as talking to a friend about someone else could end up around the whole school.

For instance, in the movie Means Girls, they made a “Burn Book”, a book filled with hurtful gossip about everyone in the school. One day someone got the book and made copies of all the pages and filled the school with them. The girls who made the book were then hated by everyone. this shows how fast something can spread.

Also gossiping can turn into bad rumors. For example, I heard someone I thought was my friend spreading a false rumor about me. I felt like I had no true friends, I just wanted to fall into a hole and die. Just because you think someone can’t hear it, doesn’t mean you should say it, especially when you don’t know if its true. It’s all fun in games until someone gets hurt. If you don’t want something being said about you, don’t say it about someone else, in other words treat others how you want to be treated. Therefore just don’t gossip, it can turn into a huge rumor, and/or hurt someone. 

3 thoughts on “Why Gossiping Is Harmful

  1. Great paragraphing Abster. I love how you showed an example with that stupid movie. Riley and I would catch you then carry you out of the treacherous crevasse. And do it again if needed.

  2. Dear Taylor,

    This is a fantastic post and everyone should read it as they enter school. I really think that middle school is the worst of it. By the time you reach high school, everyone seems to have found who they are and have at least a small group of close friends. Gossiping never stops no matter how old you get.


    You can minimize it by refusing to listen or be around when people start. Try walking away and making it clear you don’t want to be one of those Mean Girls. You’ll be amazed at how people shape up the way they act around you. And you can be a force of good intentions and good vibes.

    Your writing is very clear and compelling. It makes the reader want to take action…and in my case, to speak up in support of your suggestion. Keep on writing because you’re doing a terrific job. I can hardly wait to read your new posts during the challenge.

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