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Austin is a wonderful place. There are many things you can do. In my opinion it’s really fun and I love living here.

Austin has a lot of things to do. Personally my favorite is to go to Town Lake and kayak with my friends. There is just so much you can see when you are on the water and it is wonderful. There is still one thing I haven’t done yet and that is going to K1 and I’m planning on going this summer.

Furthermore Austin is a beautiful place. For example my favorite time of the year is when the Bluebonnets grow all over my field mixed with orange flowers. It is always nice seeing all the different cultures that are here and seeing everyone just having fun.

Austin is a amazing place to live and I am glad I live here and get the chance to do and see all these things. This summer I am determined to go and explore more of Austin.

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  1. I can picture The way you describe you field of flowers in my head! I know lots of fields like that. Exploring more of Austin is one of my goals too!

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