Snow Day #1

“School is CANCELLED!” my brother yelled with excitement so I ran to the window and sure enough there was snow! My face lit up and a smile stretched wide across my face. I put a jacket and boots on and walked quickly outside. Slipping and sliding on the sidewalks we picked up the snow and threw it at each other . My brother, sister and I walked around for about two hours. There was a steep drive way that we slid down so many times the hardest part was climbing back up. Kate’s phone fell out of her pocket so I chased after it almost breaking my tailbone. There was one time I slipped though… I was walking in the road and stepped on a huge chunk of ice and fell straight to my hands. My dad brought my baby sister out and I don’t think she liked it. All she did was put her face in my dad’s jacket. Her nose and cheeks were as red as a cherry. Awhile later I let my dog Merle out. Calling out to him was not smart because he always ran quickly towards me and he slipped right into the pool. Merle was surely unhappy he sprinted to the door. This was a wonderful day and I’m so glad that it rained.



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