Baby Sister

My baby sister was the best surprise this year. She was born on April, 14 2013. I have always wanted a little sister but all I got was a brother. My baby sister’s name is Olivia . Olivia is the sweetest baby I know. Olivia is already trying to stand up and she likes to make noises like she is talking to you. The cutest smile comes from her everyday and makes me laugh. I enjoy watching her watching the lights while she is in her swing. Today is her three month anniversary. I love her to death and I will enjoy playing with her when she gets older.



2 thoughts on “Baby Sister

  1. Awwww! She is really cute! I also have a baby sister! I wrote a post about her and there is also a picture. Her name is Isra and she was born in August of 2012, so she is already one!! Can Olivia crawl yet? Isra learned to walk over the summer and now runs all over the house! You should take a look at my blog and see her for yourself!!!

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